So Hungry

Johnna-thumbI woke up today with a familiar feeling.  It is not a feeling I have every day.  But when I do have it, it can consume me.  The feeling?  I’m hungry.  I am not talking about physical hunger.  I am talking about spiritual hunger!   Do you ever experience it?  Your soul is empty and dry.  You need nourishment so badly, but it seems that there is no food around.  Today, I decided that I could not go on like this.

I began by doing what I do every day, I read my Bible.  It was good, as always.  But, I still was not satisfied.  I needed a special touch from the Lord.  I needed to feel His presence and His love.  So, I did the only thing left to do, and that was go into my closet and shut the door.  Friends, that can be a powerful thing somehow.

I began to cry out to God.  My prayer went something like this:

“Lord!  I am so hungry for YOU!  Nothing else can satisfy me.  YOU are the only source of my life and health.  And I cannot make it without you, EVER!  I can’t do a single thing without YOU.  I can’t breathe.  I can’t be a wife and mother.  And I certainly can’t make good decisions.  Oh, Lord!  You know my heart.  You know I have loved YOU since a child!  And all I have ever wanted to do was serve YOU and bring YOU glory!  I ask YOU today to revive me and fill me with your love and strength!  Restore the joy of my salvation!  Restore the joy of my heavenly calling!  And cause me to bow out of the things that would hinder my growth in YOU!  Empower me with YOUR WORD and YOUR SPIRIT!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

I got up from there feeling a LOT better.  I don’t know why God chooses to meet us in prayer, but He does!  Prayer is a powerful thing.  The Lord consistently meets me there.  I do not possess any special powers, I can tell you that!  I am just a frail human being who is in desperate need of the touch of the Lord!  And I try to give Him an opportunity to touch me.  Otherwise, I don’t know where I would be.

Are you needy today?  Do the things of the world disappoint you, over and over again?  If so, I understand.  You, like me, have a part of you that can only be spiritually filled.  You may just be hungry!  Please make today the day that you give the Lord a chance to do for you what you cannot do for yourself — give your spirit life!