Trusting Him and Not Giving Up

Johnna-thumbI have been enjoying some sweet days with the Lord.  I am truly amazed at the results I get just by taking time to read the Word of God . . . I am always encouraged, strengthened, and somehow providentially given what I need for that very day!  The time spent reading and studying the Word of God is never wasted.  Not only do I consider it time well-spent, but absolutely necessary for me.  I look forward to the morning times of fellowship with Him!

But when I get up from my reading corner, I face a very different world.  A world that has a blank face toward God.  A world that has no problem mocking God or twisting His Word to meet their ends.  Defending my beliefs has become complicated, because those who dispute them will rarely stay on topic during a discussion and often are disrespectful towards me.  It seems that any time I call sin, “sin,” people get especially defensive, accuse me of being judgmental, hateful, or worse.  It can be a daunting process.  I don’t like being argumentative and have no desire to lower myself to the realm of name-calling and mud-slinging.  But, I do want people to know the truth.  And, I believe someone has to be willing to stand up and proclaim the truth even if it means getting dragged through the mud by those who disagree.

With that in mind, I want to say a few things that have been on my mind.  Why?  Because time is short, my friends, very short.  The Lord could return or call me on to be with Him at any time.  We have no promise of tomorrow.  If nothing else, I am writing this for my children and future grandchildren.  I want them to know where I stood on these issues, and that my faith and trust were in God and His Word.

1.  I trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in August of 1977 . . . He saved me then and has been with me every step of the way since.  He has taken care of me, fought my battles for me, answered many of my prayers, blessed me mercifully, and has always worked for my good, just like His Word says.  I am ELATED to be His servant and will not stop talking about Him . . . He’s just that good!

2.  A godly mate is worth waiting for.  Oh, yes!  It is still entirely possible to find a Christian man or woman who is committed to serving the Lord and has remained pure for their future mate.  Pray for him or her — God will provide.

3.  It is a SIN for a man and woman to live together while unmarried . . . they may come to church, but they are still living in sin.  The whole world may be ok with it, but God is not.  Check the Scriptures . . . they are very clear on the subject.

4.  Homosexual behavior is SIN and the Bible, in no way, agrees with it or condones it.  If people get angry about this, they need to get angry with God.  He wrote the Book and made His intentions clear when He created Adam and Eve.  Don’t get caught up in society’s false belief system.

5.  Be careful where you go and who you associate with.  No Christian young man (or woman) has any business in establishments that use sexuality as their calling card.   This seems like a very elementary idea to me, but I see many who name the name of Christ frequenting places like Hooters and Daisy Dukes.   Christians who do these things are not taking their spiritual walk very seriously.

6.  Be careful what you read and watch.  Entertainment is a favorite tool of the devil.  If you start to feel convicted about what you are reading or watching, just walk away!  That’s what Joseph did!  If you don’t feel convicted when watching provocative scenes, scenes full of foul language or unbecoming talk, maybe you need to check up.

7.  Watch how you dress, ladies and gentlemen.  When in doubt, ladies, don’t wear it.  If you are “showing,” it is too low.  If you have to “watch your skirt,” it is too short.  We should dress to honor God, not to draw attention to our sexuality.  Men, make sure the ladies in your home understand they deserve respect, both of themselves and of others.  They don’t have to dress like the world and men should not treat them the way the world does!

8.  Churches shouldn’t have to be “cool.”  Lights, sound, and action don’t make the Holy Spirit come down; contrite hearts on bended knees do.  The world’s ideas of up-to-date and modern don’t apply to the spiritual realm.  If you need a “beat” to worship, you might be worshiping the wrong thing.  Check your spiritual pulse . . . there are a lot of deceivers out there.

9.  Honesty is still the best policy.  Lying is wrong, under any circumstances.  The Lord sees those that are honoring Him with clean hearts and consciences.  It is the least you can do for Him.

10.  The Bible is still the authority on life.  It shows us the best way to live.  I have put into practice the teachings of the Bible and have seen its wisdom work in my own life.  Don’t let fools lead you astray.  Hide it in your heart . . . the secular world will always search for answers in the wrong places, but I can save you all the trouble . . . cling to the Word.

Having said all that, I just want to say one more thing:

I love the Lord with all my heart.  I am not giving up on the Lord, the Holy Bible, or the Christian life!  I still believe every promise and am looking for His sure return!  People can scorn and laugh at me, but it will not change my confidence in HIM!  He has proven Himself faithful to me, and I hope to be true to Him until the end!  I love Him with all my heart and He is worthy of my life, lived for His glory!!!